Meet Kelly Ann Scott

annie2The least someone could say about me is that I’m a walking contradiction…

I was a member of the Canadian Armed Forces for thirteen years, but I have a passion for love stories.

My main language is French, but I write mostly in English.

I teach to adults and am extremely serious when I do so, but I can also be a clown when I wind down (or when I teach to adults, at times!)

I don’t like the sight of blood and the thought of suffering, but I’m faced with it more often than not since I’m a medical responder for my community.

There are many other contradictions about me but to know them all, you would need to ask my wonderful husband, William.  Er, on second thought, do NOT ask him; I’m afraid of what he might tell you!

About my writing career; I always thought that you needed to have a degree in literature to become a writer but I’ve learned it’s not true so I’m diving in now.  I have loads of true stories I’ve been storing in my head for years and a few fictional ones that have been growing in my heart for a decade or so.

My site is going to be mostly about the hilarious events that happen to me on almost all of my trips.  Wait ’til you hear HOW I met my husband!  It’s the scottish version of the movie ‘PS, I love you’, but with the same couple at the beginning and at the end.

My stories are going to be either prequels to my characters’s lives, short sections of my upcoming books or scenes I took off.  I hope you’ll fall in love with my characters and their stories by reading about them here.

Keep in touch!

Kelly Ann